Buiten op de Binnenweg

Logo designed for the local shop ‘Buiten op de Binnenweg‘ (Rotterdam). An organic shop (since 2010): Order good and tasty food. Salads, soups, pasta, juices, specialty cheeses, honey, chilli, oil, vinegar, homemade pesto and bread Menno. Take a strong espresso and sample products from our own kitchen or from special suppliers in the region. Fresh ready to eat immediately or to take away.

Dichter bij de Buurt

Artists were invited to make an image in response to a poem for the project ‘Dichter in de Buurt‘ (‘closer to the neighborhood’). The project consists of a trail along 16 facades in the New West, Rotterdam. I got the poem Paul Ostaijen (1896-1928), Marc greeting the morning things (Marc groet ’s morgens de dingen). I have portrayed the protagonist in the poem.


In 2008 Eneco opened in the North Sea at IJmuiden, the new windpark (Prinses Amalia Windmolenpark). I create an artwork in a limited edition of 350.  I love old fashion and new designed windmills. For the landscape I travel a lot to Friesland. Along the A6 you come to Flevoland a magnificent row of large windmills against. There are also farms in the Netherlands to have their ‘own’ windmill and generate their own power. A couple of windmill paintings have been bought by Eneco.

The Port of Amsterdam

Container painting by Jeroen Allart. The Port of Amsterdam and graphic design studio Eindeloos invited artists to paint a ship container (6 or 12 meters). Twelve artists had painted containers in public places during public events. Their design was recreated in miniature in ceramics. This hand painted objects Port of Amsterdam used as a unique gift. The project lasted from 2008 to 2012.



I designed a red dog for Mediconsultancy (Wim Paling).  Mediconsultancy is a recruitment agency for the secondment of psychiatrists, doctors and psychologists. The ‘red dog’ is designed as a logo. The red dog is also designed for a screen printing and together with Hans Kievit (clay illustrator) we make an object (edition of 50).


The famous company Organon was a pharmaceutical company of Dutch origin, headquartered in Oss. Organon is now part of Merck Sharp & Dohme (MSD). Organon is most known for the development of the contraceptive pill. In 2002 I created a mural for a new office in Oss. Also I was asked to make a ceramic tableau (diptych) with well-known proverbs in a series of drawings.

OSG Hugo de Groot

Former director Eric van ’t Zelfde  launched an art project at the OSG Hugo de Groot (school) in 2010. OSG  was a school with extreme difficulties. Eric van ’t Zelfde was given the opportunity to tranform the school better. Much better: all students pass the final exam.  He has put together a new team of enthusiastic teachers and  transformed the school into a very nice school. During the art commission I received from Eric, I got a whole new understanding of how it can indeed. Nice pupils, fine teachers in a nice building 🙂

The school is now inside and outside surrounded by art. At various places in the school to see great works of art, including the big wallpainting “Stern” which I painted in the student room. Outside the wall of the building I’ve painted a  large Black-headed gull.


Watch this drone movie of ‘OSG Hugo de Groot‘.


Pon is an international trading and service organization with a workforce of 13,000 people spread over 450 locations in 32 countries. I was assigned to the headquarters of Pon Leusden, for two big murals. Painted the best-selling cars from the period 1950-2014 in chronological order. This large wallpainting of total 30 meters is painted on wooden panels in my studio – in a period of 11 months.


Published a serie of postcards for teNeues. The “notecards” are sold out.

Aardema Van Boetzelaer Advocaten

Commissioned four paintings of the beautiful Frisian (Friesland) landscape made for Aardema Van Boetzelaer Lawyers in Heerenveen. The company philosophy is consistent with the appearance of my work.


STROOM The Hague started a project ‘Art at Home’ for the Ypenburg neighbourhood on the former airfield ‘Ypenburg’ (1936-1994).  The trees in  Ypenburg Vinex are still small and the houses smooth, so it’s time for art. Sacha Kester in the Volkskrant (27-10-05) wrote an article about ‘Art at Home’ in Ypenburg. 8 artists by STROOM were invited to come up with a work of art that were mounted on the outside of houses. Residents of Ypenburg chose their favorite art and decorate their homes. I have make a series of 7 enamel signs made into limited edition: a penguin, dog, woodpecker, horse, succulent, tern and gull.

Alex d’Electrique

In 2001 I’ve met Ko van den Bosch after a performance in Amsterdam and talked about the cowboy series that I had painted. The following year he asked me if I would make the new theater poster for the show ‘Bezet Gebied‘ (Occupied territory). Alex d’Electrique (1980-2008) was a Dutch theater group. Ko van den Bosch was artistic director, writer and acto. Solid performers included Raymonde de Kuyper, Raymond Thiry, Martin Hofstra and Aat Ceelen.


For Paschalisschool Den Haag, I’ve made a serie of unique lightboxes, with changeable images. In each classroom is a permanent lightbox, where the kids can change there favorite image. There is a ‘library’ of 80 plates, with a whole range of subjects.